Why Netinium?

Because Netinium is the only head end you'll ever need.

Unique Solving Point

Future flexibility & vendor independency

Technical quality should make the difference when acquiring new meter hardware. However, utilities often end up buying hardware of the same brand to avoid the operational challenges of vertically integrating new head end software.

With Netinium you can add any meter to your existing infrastructure and always choose cutting edge hardware technology. Netinium already provides 50 different meter adapters covering 300 firmware versions.
Unique Solving Point

Automated, simplified and uniform AMI processes

We enable uniform processes in a single head end infrastructure. Compare this to the complex and hard to manage infrastructure you’ll grow when adding new head end software with every new meter you buy. Read more...

You will need only one interface with your northbound IT infrastructure, one operational team to train, one server- and database infrastructure to manage and no extra layers of different 3rd party backend systems. Read more...
Unique Solving Point

Linear Scalability

Start with for example a pilot of 10.000 meters (electric charge stations, PV units, local storage devices, etc.) but scale up to tens of millions without losing any processing capability. With only linearly increasing your server capacity you will be able to expand your meter park without the hassle of building new clusters.

Unique Solving Point

The highest level of security & privacy

Advanced features range from industry standards such as SSL and protocol specific security (LLS/HLS in DLMS/Cosem) to using cryptographic key management systems (for example the FIPS 140-2 compliant Thales keyAuthority®) creating a secure system-wide root of trust, scalable to support future encryption requirements.

Role-based access and full audit trails help to combat internal unauthorized actions while data management complies with the toughest privacy rules.

Customer highlight: Dutch teamwork

Our project portfolio includes an interesting cooperation between two of our customers.

Alliander / 5.7M connections

Alliander managing their current 2.400.000 and future 5.700.000 GPRS / CDMA smart meters for both electricity & gas.


Enduris / 400K connections

Alliander offering managed services to their neighbour utility Enduris, by concurrently managing 50.000 of their neighbours' meters for both electricity & gas through their platform.

Company credits

You do not only benefit from using the Netinium platform as a product, but also from working with the people that created it.

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